Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not Easy Being Green in Meredith College Colton Review

It's Not Easy Being Green_Edited (for Colton Review) [somethin about the recession and there's not a lot of room bla bla bla lol]
By Kay Rich

It’s not easy BEING green.
All these PSA’s on TV talking
about going green, being green.
Think green thoughts. Do green things!
But how can a woman go green
when she’s STUCK in a 9-to-5 job,
working for the minimum wage
of the green-dead-presidents she’ll never really see?
If any green, she has the envy
of all those who have because she has—NOT.
Without the green of this nation,
all she is left with is this green earth,
how can she support the green earth
when all she does have the green for
is cheap things?
Is it her fault she is FORCED
to buy
green Jello, canned green beans, and green Koolaid
because those are more AFFORDABLE than
green melon, fresh green beans, and green tea?
Is it her fault she is FORCED
to buy food that makes
her green veins pump at a high-pressure rate?
Will she someday
look prematurely green
like those dead presidents she never even saw?
So as I check her out
during a shift on a job I need
to get these green-dead-presidents
to pay for my supposedly
“green textbooks,”
I count the green she hands me,
so my register will not be short,
so my company can stay in the
the only time you ever see black
associated with that kind of green.
Well, in fact,
my company has always truly been green…
Green was always easy for them; it was simple.
They bought green vegetables from green-greedy farmers
who used workers like the woman
who receives BELOW minimum green-dead-presidents’ wage
ALL because she has no green card.
So as she breaks her back picking
green lettuce, green cabbage, green turnips,
green beans, and green peppers,
she has to write letters
to her kids back home telling them,
“It’s not easy being GREEN!”
when is the last time
our Homeland Security Advisory
has even spelled green?
The government officials
pursue rumors of weapons of mass destruction,
wear green berets and green fatigues
jump prematurely
into one war, now pulling out, going into another
all over green money, oil, and greed.
Now we are being told that nuclear power is green,
And the Department of Homeland Security

(Originally a little longer and intended as spoken word)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Black Emphasis Month Worship Service 2010

Untitled by Kay Rich

My great-great-grandparents
And my great-grandparents
And my grandparents
Carried on the slave traditions of
Back breaking work out in the sun scorched fields
So that my parents
And my sister and I
And our unborn children
Can perform American positions of
Mind muddling work in air conditioned comfortable offices

I’ve never had calloused hands from picking cotton
Just writer’s cramp from writing an essay exam
I’ve never had hunger pains from not having enough to eat
Just the occasional tummy ache from obscure cafeteria food
I’ve never had to work hard at practicing passive resistance
Just small repercussions from a smart mouth and short temper
I’ve never been hosed down for marching for the right to vote
Just my first vote casted towards the first black president

I’m in the Promise Land
Without had having to run around the wilderness
I see the strong beginning of victory
But I didn’t see the desperate struggle
I’m reaping the fruit
Of trees of life I didn’t plant
No, I am the fruit
Of all those who sprung root and refused to let go

My ancestors fought
So I could have the right
To fight
My middle class battles
Like, why is it always required to learn…
Western History
Western Art History
Western Medicine
But the rest is optional
Why is it always American Literature
And then African American Literature
Why is it always American History
And then African American History
I mean, I thought people were only divided geographically?
Yet, down in the books, we are still separated, still divided
Recorded as if two different nations
Past African American and Caucasian American abolitionists and activists struggled for everybody
For if they were to let America continue in its corruptness
That would have been an injustice for all
American History is our History
African American History is our History
History needs to be known correctly
So wrongdoings won’t be repeated by anybody
Black Emphasis Month is for the whole community

©Kay Rich

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rahm Emanuel's "Retarded" Comment: Sarah Palin Lashes Out | The News is NowPublic.com

Click 4 Story--->>>Rahm Emanuel's "Retarded" Comment: Sarah Palin Lashes Out | The News is NowPublic.com

My Commentary on the matter:

well for one, it's NOT the same as the n-word, the n-word, along with it's meaning, has never changed, which is up for debate by rap artists who change the "er" to "a"

retarded has evolved from idiot, stupid, dumb, feeble, feeble-minded, etc

obama has used the word stupid and she did not slam him for it

that being said, it was still wrong for him to use the word "retarded" but it is NOT nor will it ever equate to the emotional response to the n-word

My sis' posed question:
so ifi call something retarded its the same thing as stupid...so the two are interchangeable...is that what you are saying?

My response:
pretty much, the bible says ur not supposed to call anyone stupid or a fool anyway b/c there are power in words, so just don't insult anybody/anything