Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thesis Writer's Block/Being be continued

I’m sitting down, attempting to focus, and trying to write my thesis.
Accompanying me are my mug of tea, headphones, and Reese’s Pieces.
I space out and dwell on the love affair between chocolate and peanut butter.
Man, I hate Nutella. The thought of tasting it makes my taste buds shudder.

‘Oh yeah,’ I think, ‘I’m writing this paper,’ as I stare at the blinking cursor.
I begin to wish words would just magically appear—a writer’s block reverser.
I select the header and type the running head, failing to get ahead with this paper.
What if I just drop out, take to the streets, and live my life as a penny scraper?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Skittles versus Bullets by Kay Rich

After leaving the convenience store,
It was later made evident that Trayvon was shortchanged.
One-hundred-forty-pound kid versus a 250-pound heavyweight?
Sounds like some sick handicap fight had been arranged.

Black face versus white face;
A baggy hoodie versus fitted apparel;
Skittles versus bullets;
AriZona Iced Tea versus a barrel.

His girlfriend on the phone suggested he run;
He decided to merely put his hoodie up and walk faster.
If only he knew his stalker had a gun,
Maybe he could have dashed and it wouldn’t have ended in disaster.

We are all too familiar with this weapon of racial profiling—
Day after day people shoot off the gun of ignorance,
Loaded with the bullets of hate,
Leaving us with the scattered shell casings of anger.
If The People don’t wake up and the powers-at-be don’t change,
Our society is surely headed down a path of even more destruction and danger.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Building 429 - Listen To The Sound

Final Plea

This is my cerebral turned cyber
Prayer in a status.
A final plea.
I hope they see.
I’m drowning in this sea.
I need someone to reach
And try to save me.
I’m trying just to be.
Despite all of my misery.
I’m so young,
It’s not fair.
I feel like nobody cares.
Sometimes waking up and breathing is too much to bear
I’ve been losing this game
For quite a while.
I feel like a worthless Joker
Placed in the discard pile.
I’ve been through the fire, and I’ve been left charred.
Sometimes I wonder if life was meant to be this hard.
I’m teeter tottering on a line just short of being placed in a psych ward.
But I hold onto the hope my joy will one day be restored.

This is a piece I'm still working on...not sure if it's finished yet. It is written with someone in mind, but I think giving a back story would give away who it is. Sometimes human beings are born into unimaginable circumstances, but more often then not they find strength to keep going. I hope this gives someone hope. Please keep in mind, that I view my poetry as art. I am not suicidal, but it is dedicated to a dear friend who presently is at times. Some problems in life are just uphill journeys and long battles, but you can come out on top.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Psalm 127:3 by Kay Rich ©

Only I can be me
(I am a gift from God.)
I am great as can be
(I am a gift from God.)
Jesus died for ME
(I am a gift from God.)
Psalm 127 verse three

In God’s Image
I am fearfully and wonderfully made,
And on the cross,
By Christ, my debt was paid.

I can’t enter heaven unless I
Become like little children,
Having child-like faith that
Christ freed me from sin.

God has plan to prosper us,
Of hope and a future.
We are not defined by
Statistics or pop culture.

You can be a CEO, lawyer,
Or an artist…
A doctor or a teacher,
The list is endless.

But God doesn’t stop there
At making us unique;
He gives u spiritual gifts
To help those in need:

Words of wisdom, special knowledge,
Gift of healing;
Great faith, performing miracles,
Gift of prophesy;

The ability to discern if a message
Is from the Holy Spirit;
The ability to speak in unknown languages
And to interpret.

Remember the power of life and death
Lies in your tongue.
Don’t let anyone think less of you
Because you are young.

Be an example to all believers
In what you say,
The way you live, your love,
You purity, and your faith.

And as you go throughout life,
Remember God’s word:
Children are a gift from God;
They are a reward from the Lord.

Only I can be me.
(I am a gift from God.)
I am great as can be.
(I am a gift from God.)
Jesus died for ME.
(I am a gift from God.)
Psalm 127 verse three

 I wrote and rapped this poem circa August 2011 at an outreach program my church Wake Chapel does called Back 2 School Giveaway (I think it's called that..). The theme for that particular give-away was "Children Are Our Blessings." Seeing the kids there enjoy themselves and their faces at getting new school supplies was really a blessing and refreshing for me to see. I also remember enjoying my fair share of ice pops lol.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One of My Favorite Quotes

"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen." ~Leonardo da Vinci