Thursday, January 26, 2012

Final Plea

This is my cerebral turned cyber
Prayer in a status.
A final plea.
I hope they see.
I’m drowning in this sea.
I need someone to reach
And try to save me.
I’m trying just to be.
Despite all of my misery.
I’m so young,
It’s not fair.
I feel like nobody cares.
Sometimes waking up and breathing is too much to bear
I’ve been losing this game
For quite a while.
I feel like a worthless Joker
Placed in the discard pile.
I’ve been through the fire, and I’ve been left charred.
Sometimes I wonder if life was meant to be this hard.
I’m teeter tottering on a line just short of being placed in a psych ward.
But I hold onto the hope my joy will one day be restored.

This is a piece I'm still working on...not sure if it's finished yet. It is written with someone in mind, but I think giving a back story would give away who it is. Sometimes human beings are born into unimaginable circumstances, but more often then not they find strength to keep going. I hope this gives someone hope. Please keep in mind, that I view my poetry as art. I am not suicidal, but it is dedicated to a dear friend who presently is at times. Some problems in life are just uphill journeys and long battles, but you can come out on top.

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Princess Little Rose said...

Interesting... and very good! It does really portray that emotion you were going for... we need to talk, and catch up, but I have a friend going through this as well.