Friday, February 20, 2009

Inflow @ the Pour House

My homegurls Brit, Whit, & Hina went to go see Inflowential aka Inflow in concert at the Pour House.
They had special guests Blount Harvey and HaLo who was also fly. The main lead singer of Blount Harvey was looking kind of pissed because of some balding dude who was in charge of the sound, but other than that, everything was off the hook.
The energy, the show, the performance, just amazing. Brit and I had been plannin on the concert for a minute ever since we saw Inflow at NC State for Obama support,(I may have blogged about it earlier, way back when, I honestly don't remember.) Anywho, I just loved the band, the vibe, the soul--Inflow.

Kay Rich, out


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