Friday, October 31, 2008

Somethin' I gotta get off my chest....respond if u want

I feel like there’s all of these people voting for the candidate that they think will enforce the quote “Christian” rules the best. First of all, if you force someone to do the right thing, they are not going to understand it because they do not believe what you believe so they do not live by your standard. I personally think it is wrong to force someone to live by standards of something which they do not believe in. Apparently God does not agree with that either since He has given us free will. People just need Jesus, not to have rules enforced on them. They do not understand picking up their cross and bearing it because they do not know Jesus who died on the cross. Maybe Christians should be less concerned with relying on the government to enforce “Christian” rules and should start relying on themselves to do the work and evangelize to instill Christian values in the American people. You cannot change one’s behavior and expect their faith to be changed. The people need to get faith first, accept Christ, and then the change can begin. Until then, you cannot force someone to live by that in which you believe/have faith.

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