Sunday, March 15, 2009

Women's Empowerment

Yesterday my homegurl Shae and I went to Women's Empowerment 2009! Shout again to THE best big sis in THE whole world C-note for hookin is up with floor seat tickets!!!

Anywho, it was really good and informing and all that, but I'm sure you've heard about all that by now. But what I want to comment on is (almost) completely off the subject. I've made it a habit lately to walk around with some sort of journal or sketchbook at all times. This is what I wrote down on 03-14-09 at approximately 7:30ish p.m.:

"what if people chased after Jesus the way women did raheem devaughn? Women rushing, pushing just to touch him. there's no life in the hem of his garments. the words coming out his mouth defile him. it's disheartening to see so many people go crazy over this carnal, mortal, merely-of-a man. where's their thirst for God? if only they were this fervent with their prayers. if only they cried out to God the way they cried out to him, this ashes-to-ashes, dust-to-dust man. And he thinks his music frees them? empowers them? what is wrong with him? with them? i'll tell you what it's their fleshly sin!"

***on a side not, there was this lady who was yelling her head off (face turnin all red and er'thing) at this security guard who was standin on the steps to the stage in front of mary mary b/c she could not see them...

i guess she was not listening to the lyrics of it's the god in me...she really, really wanted to see mary mary, so much so, i saw no god in her

this be the sign off

kay rich, out

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