Monday, January 18, 2010

From the Archives: My Philosophy of Art 04/10/2007

Art is my nurturer. I have never received anything more beautiful. I use art as a language. When I am unable to explain certain emotions or feelings with words, I sketch my heart out.  When I am going through something difficult, my artwork allows me to find the strength that is within me to get though.  Art gives me the comfort in knowing it is okay to feel what I feel.  I believe art reminds everyone that we are only human. Some sort of connection is there to be made between the viewer and the artwork for the simple reason that only humans are able to create art and not animals.
            Art is my first love. I have never been with anything more beautiful.  Art has always been there, is always here, and will always be thus creating a sense of stability.  For better or for worse, it’s not going anywhere.  From angry to pleased or ugliness to beauty, art is able to tug and bring out any of my emotions.
            Art is my first-born. I have never seen anything more beautiful.  It is my passion.  My inner beauty, my soul’s expression, and my spirit’s mirror are seen in my artwork.  Art gives me the opportunity to have a connection with God: creativity.  I believe I, a human, am a piece of art because God thought about how he wants my eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and the rest of features to look.  When I create a piece of art I think about how do I want something to look, what emotion am I trying to convey, what style I want to use, and the reaction I want viewers to have to my artwork.  I also think of the purpose for it.  I believe that God has a purpose for me, and every artwork that I create is made purposefully.  Therefore I believe art is anything that has some sort of higher level thinking, logic, or thought process behind it.

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