Friday, June 11, 2010

Katelyn Richelle Site Is Coming Along!!!

My NEW website Katelyn Richelle is coming along great!!! I'm uBeR eXciteD ! ! ! So far I pretty much have everything except the gallery :( (such a drag right?!?!?!?) Most pictures I had of some of my artwork are LONG gone b/c apparently only have the files got backed up--that i know of--from when my household got a new fam computer :/.........UNLESS they are on a cd somewhere in my parents' house :) BUT either way I have to start taking pics of all my artwork to get some stuff up there AND i still need to research PayPal and whoever(???) their competition is--which says a lot that i don't even know lol

i do like PayPal A LOT b/c they take the money out of the buyer's account and NOT the seller directly--which makes me feel better about the sale and have more trust about the whole process of putting in my personal info to buy something i.e. account #'s, card holder's address, gov't name lol, etc.

until then, check it out!!! !!! Deuces

Kay Rich

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