Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Website Coming Soon!!!

OMG I'm so excited!!! Me dad made a business investment in me, and for that I'm soooooo grateful and thankful b/c I can finally do what I've been waiting to do for A WHILE now!!!! =))

Katelyn Richelle: Coming Soon

Soooo, as an artist, I have decided to go by Katelyn Richelle--catchy right??? Besides, I've yet to start marketing myself so the name at this point really doesn't matter. I already go by Kay Rich on my original (this) blog and now on Twitter/Youtube/Spoken Word and whatever else, so it only seems right I go by the names that Kay Rich is derived from as a studio artist.

But I will be giving updates about the sites, my experience fiddling with code, and what not on STAY TUNED :-))

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