Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Break!!! (But is it REALLY a Break???)

Fall semester has finally come to a close—and I finished with straight A’s, woo-hoo!!! God is good =)
Although I should be relaxing over winter break, I have been on it with my graduate school applications for Art Therapy. Two out of three of my letters of recommendations have been completed, and I sent a reminder to my third recommender. Today I went through all of my artwork with the mindset of picking out pieces that could go into a cohesive body of work while still putting my best foot forward. I have also been writing and rewriting trying to get my essays cranked out in hopes that other sets of eyes can look over them before I am ready to submit them.

Finally, I am having the hardest time picking what to shave off my resume and what to keep…I do have an option of submitting a CV, but I think that would just be too much. Most admissions persons just want to be able to glance at a resume. Although I am sure whoever’s my application will be contending with will contain a CV—this prediction is based on who else came to visit GW when I went for a visitation day. Some people in there already had two or three degrees beyond their bachelors, so I am pretty sure they have some published content somewhere.


When I finish with the Grad school Apps I’ll be looking for campus jobs and scholarships =) Hopefully something with ResLife, I like my life as an RA…I think I’ve been doing more “buddy”ing than policing this year, so it’s all gravy.

So this winter break, I will be on my grind….not necessarily hustling—that’s my school year gig lol.

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