Thursday, January 20, 2011


I thought you were God’s soldier,
but you ran a one-man-army.
I thought you were you praying for me,
but you were really preying on me.

The thing that hurt the most
is that you acted as if it never occurred.
A sincere, “I’m sorry,” probably could have helped.
Clearly, your morals have been blurred.

Had you been big enough
to admit who you really were and not who you portray,
things probably would have been different,
and I would have known for whom to really pray.

We cannot diminish the past,
and I still feel the pain.
However, I do not know where your heart now lies.
You may have genuinely changed.

I cannot even judge you;
I hope you come back to your senses.
Once you have Christ and then leave Him,
that is when true hell on earth commences.

I admit I used to positively hate you,
but the bitterness ate me up inside.
I refuse your control over me any longer.
God’s love is where I now reside.

Even though you caused
the hardest thing I have been through,
I searched and found in my heart
the strength to sincerely forgive you.

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