Friday, January 21, 2011

FINALLY DONE grad school that is =)

Today I used UPS to mail off my supplementary materials to NYU, which means I am OFFICIALLY done with applications to graduate school. As mentioned 2 posts ago, I applied to NYU and GW; however, at the last minute I applied to Drexel. They sent me an email that waived the fee so I said what the hey, why not? It's free! So now I just W A I T.............................................................and wait. lol

While I was having another moment today where I was freaking out, I felt God reassuring me that everything is in His hands. Now, I'm pretty calm and at peace about it--besides I did my best. Regardless that my future at any of those schools is being decided by admissions based on my transcript, GRE scores, personal statement, recommendations, resume and digital portfolio, God knows me. Even if they don't know me, God knows what I want. I have been delighting myself in Him, and He's given me this desire. What I want to do now I cannot with a BA--I need an MA. PLUS *drum roll* I LOVE SCHOOL!!! Of course, we cannot be students forever, and the whole purpose of being such is to better ourselves and possibly the world in some sort of capacity.

Well I'm about to begin Friday festivities--but this blog post is NOT done........I just wanna get somethin FRESH upppppp, and let everyone know that we're waiting on my acceptance letters--which will come after the letters for an invitation for an interviewwwwww. (By "we" I mean family, friends, mentors, professors, former employers ie everyone who wants to see me succeed--THANK YOU & many thanks for waiting with me.) ((If it seems like you constantly ask if I have heard back yet--I PROMISE it will NOT get on my nerves, it just let's me know you care or ur curious or both))

Sooooo BACK to this entry!!! I am just proud of the fact that I have been trying my best and finishing the applications b/c some people don't even try. I don't want to be the person who wonders, "what if?" Also, so many of my ancestors who have gone before me and my grandparents who are still living didn't even have the opportunity to finish high school--so you best believe I am getting as much education as I can. Plus I can see myself with really long locks someday in a classroom at some university teaching undergraduate students. My sister said she pictures me as a professor with an African walking stick that I will acquire on one of my sabbaticals or something like that... (?) =) All I know is, I cannot wait for 05-08-2011 b/c graduating with a Bachelor's is a big deal in and of itself. Worst case scenario, in the event I do get rejected from everywhere, I'll look for a job. My "plan C" is AmeriCorps lol. However, according to everyone I talk to, they say, "You'll get in!" or, "If they don't let you, they're crazy!" or (my favorite actually lol) "Of course you'll get in--you're AMAZING!" Anywho, I am just babbling now....until next time ;)


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