Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fam Reunion

Yeah so this past weekend was my fam reunion on my maternal grandmother's side of the fam (that would be my mom's mom's fam if u didn't follow :) ) and it was in Baltimore and it was soooo much fun. I love seein all my relatives (well most of them anyways lol) and catch up and see how they're doin and what they're doin with their lives and everything. What I love most is seein all the generations come together from the great grandkids to the great grandparents/great-great aunts and uncles. Besides the activities bein awesome, it was just awesome seein everybody after bein caked up in this hole called an apartment bein forced to share it with five "strangers."

But what did disturb me was this hotel receptionist at the place we stayed, la quinta hotel, named Debbie. This woman has no regards for human life. in fact when u get a chance go to the costumer support page to report her. My cousins and i were outside playin manhunt (the older ones for old times sake) and we discover this body layin in the grass under a tree behind the property right beside the pool. (at this point we weren't sure if he were dead or alive) My sister and i go inside to tell debbie and she acted like we had just told her we were abducted by aliens. And then her manager, some old guy named Ed i think went outside to "check it out." This old dude walked right up to the passed out man (he was crazy) but the guy wasn't dead, my sis and i stood watchin long enough to see the man flinch then we walked back to the front of the building. Meanwhile two of my cousins who are "scary" were cryin b/c they thought they discovered a dead body. After my sis and i explained the guy wasn't dead, we all went back inside for a good old fashioned game of spades...

the next day was church and the service was short and sweet. that preacher got us in then got us out lol and it was nice...

i'm really glad i went to this too b/c i missed the last one...i think it's important for everybody to get connected to their people. u gotta know yo people, ya know

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