Sunday, July 20, 2008

So...why the name?...Right?

A couple of my friends laughed and some thought it was "cute" that i named my blog twizzlerz. Well the reason i named it that is b/c the candy Twizzlers is now one of my new obsessions. Every time i'm eatin one, i tell myself okay just one more, and i keep doin that til the whole bag's empty. I'm not talkin bout the small wrapped package from the movie theater, i'm talkin bout the 1 lb bags. the 4 lbs of twizzlers for 5 bucks type a deal at wal-mart. and so i figured my latest internet obsession would be my new blog b/c my 1st one was myspace then i got a facebook, and well u know the yeah, i present to you twizzlerz, and as for later blog entries... enjoy.

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