Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ntruder Alert

Yeah so b4 my fam reunion this past weekend in bmore (which was awesome...i'll write about that tomorrow), last week seemed like hell. More like weekend b4 this past one and a couple days b4 that some of all hell began to break lose (in my life anyways.) I found out that (not that I purposefully categorize this way) my list of friends who have been raped is a "running one." Not only that, but a few days after I found out some, half of whatever you think of a man, guy beat up on my sister. >>>>Let it be known that it's good for both our sakes I was not in town at the time or had any way of gettin there or he'd be dead and i'd be servin up a life sentence by now<<<< So now when it comes to bein around men, I'm even more extra cautious than I was before. Even if I think that I know a man, I still don't trust him. After all that...I don't think my guard will ever be down...ever So I was tryin to pick a song to playback on my blog, and I chose Lupe's Ntruder Alert b/c that's just how I feel right now. My mood lately has even been how the notes and the melody of the song yeah Intruder Alert - Lupe Fiasco

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